ÆOLUS - a Test Loop for the Definition of Filter Cartridges and testing of filtering and separation devices

The application range and the quality of filter cartridges for the removal of particles from gas, especially natural gas, did increase immensely over the last few years. Equipment protection (e.g. power generation) as well as cost awareness did accelerate the development of new type filter cartridges and filter materials. Such developments are only possible if corresponding measuring techniques and strategies are available and can be used. The main goal when selecting a measuring method must be to obtain the maximum of information on a specific filter cartridge against a reasonable expenditure of cost and time. The large variety of diverse testing methods of filter cartridges make it quite difficult to compare filter cartridges produced by different manufacturers. The test results of flat filter media and those of complete filter cartridges as well as working and testing conditions may considerably diverge. The combination of an optical particle size analyzer with a test installation, with which operating conditions can be simulated, makes it possible to effectuate tests on complete filter cartridges under conditions corresponding to practical operating conditions. In this manner, a comparative examination of filter cartridges produced by five different manufacturers was carried out. The quality differences related to the particle removal rate and pressure drop could be determined quickly, easily and reliably.

For the separation of contaminants from gas flows there exists a large variety of application possibilities of filter cartridges. The design specifications for filter cartridges are related to the specific requirements of these applications. Filter cartridges are e.g. used to separate Contaminants from natural gas, which is transported through lengthy pipe lines. The Aeolus Test Loop was originally developed to be able to define under operational conditions and on real scale the behaviour of filter cartridges to be used in various applications.

The application range and the quality of filter cartridges for particle separation in gases, as natural gas has lately enormously increased. Equipment protection as well as cost conscience did increase the development of new types of filter cartridges and materials. Such developments were and are only possible through the implementation of new measuring techniques and strategies. Obtaining maximum information about a specific filter cartridge at reasonable cost and time is the goal when selecting an effective measuring procedure. In our facility we measure the filtration efficiency and pressure loss of filter cartridges as well as test their long term behaviour. Once these results are available to the user, then the selection of the right filter cartridge is an easy job.