Coalescing cartridges for liquid & solid removal from gaseous media

SoloToV® series of coalescing cartridges are suitable for the separation of condensates from wet gases combined with the removal of fine solid particles. Available in a wide range of variations from original VoTech quality or plain alternatives to other manufacturers, to high performance coalescing cartridges for gaseous media up to 1000°C. Also available in pleated version.
DuoToV® coalescing filter cartridges are excellent for cases where both condensate and particle separation from moist gases are required. An integrated pleated multi-layer pre-filter section effectively separates solid particles, thus considerably increasing the cartridge lifetime.
MicroToV® third generation coalescing filter cartridges to remove fine oil mist, condensate and solids from moist gases. A special micro layer for conditioning oil mist in the gas stream is integrated in this cartridge. Like the DuoToV®, an integrated pre-filter effectively separates solid particles and conditions the fine droplets to separable droplets.


Above mentioned product names are registered trademarks and manufactured only by VoTech Filter GmbH in Heinsberg, Germany.