TOPFILTER | ductile & aluminium gas filters


The VoTech TOPFILTER is a ductile cast-iron gasfilter made of GGG 40 DIN EN 1563 / EN-GJS-400-15 or aluminium with connecting flanges 16 bar (MOP16) / 232 psi, a flat cover, fastening bolts and a rectangular shaped filtering cartridge. The cover is sealed by means of an O-ring secured in a dovetail-shaped groove. The cartridge has its own integrated o-ring seal. Available with inspection certificate acc. DIN 50049/3.1.

Design advantages:

  • easy maintenance
  • low cost
  • ductile cast-iron – aluminium MOP6 version now available
  • no silicone materials applied: silicone will degrade in natural gas
  • pressure rating: MOP16 (232 psi)
  • designed with full incinerable cartridges in VPZ®-quality and optionally in microfilter-quality
  • filtration area twice the area of comparable cell-filter cartridges
  • equal installation length like conventional cell-filters: interchangeable
  • larger sump than conventional cell-filters
  • Optional: fire-proof (HTB) execution
  • MOP1 / 14,5 psi (650°C/1202°F. for 30 min)
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